Souped-Up Stores – Trend 8

While smartphone penetration has been soaring in China, in-store technology has been left behind, and remains a largely untapped retail resource. That’s going to change. Souped-up stores Some clothing retailers have built systems that allow shoppers to browse and order out-of-stock items from within the physical store. And cosmetics brands have pioneered ‘virtual mirror’ services that allow shoppers to experiment with new colors. But beyond that, the digital instore experience just hasn’t got going. In the Year of the Rooster, we’ll see greater collaboration between digital agencies and retailers. This will inject new life into stores, delivering the sense of theater and richness of experience that’s becoming so important in winning sales and loyalty. Enabling customers to interact with products on the shelf, understand their benefits or investigate the supply chain without having to switch to looking at their phone, will encourage footfall and improve the in-store experience. We know consumers are using their own screens to seek out reviews and information while they browse; in-store tech is the opportunity for brands and retailers to both streamline and liven up that process. In 2017, winning brands will use in-store technology to enhance the shopping experience – at scale.

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