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The latest BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015 will be released on Wednesday 27 May. There will be many changes and a few big surprises…so make sure you head over to on Wednesday morning to get your own copy of the report.

Happy New Year Of The Goat

Happy CNY

Today starts the Chinese New Year celebrations. This year is the year of the goat. A very Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends.


The History Of Retail In 100 Objects – Chain Store


It’s The History Of Retail In 100 Objects post – This weeks object is The Chain Store

The origins of modern chain store retailing date back several millennia to ancient China. Merchants in China and later Japan recognised there were advantages to centralised management and selling through multiple distribution points which to day serve as the defining characteristics of chain store retailing. Chain stores emerged in North America in the 1700s when the Hudson’s Bay Company created a network of branded trading posts. However, it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that the chain store approach to retail gained momentum in Europe and the United States. The era of chain store expansion began in earnest in the early 20th century as retailers recognised the profit potential associated with leveraging a variety of fixed and variable costs across an expanding base of stores whereby the sales volume generated by each additional location produced incremental profits. The superiority of the chain store business model became evident following the Second World War when global consumption surged for all manner of consumer goods. This set off an unprecedented wave of chain store expansion across all types of merchandise classifications. Definitions on the number of units that constitute a chain may vary, but there is no disputing the chain store’s impact on retailing. Chain stores led a dramatic restructuring of the retail industry during the past 100 years and today many of the world’s largest corporations are chain store operations.

Contribution to Retail History

The chain store method of retailing brought about arguably the greatest structural change the industry has seen during the past 100 years. The retail industry today is dominated by those who operate chain stores to effectively serve consumers’ wants and needs in a profitable manner.

The History Of Retail In 100 Objects Is Available As A Free Podcast

History of Retail Podcast

In Retail Conversation…The Holidays

If you missed my live “In Retail Conversation with… Bryan Roberts”  which we broadcast a couple of weeks ago here is the recording. We covered a lot of ground around retail holiday sales, the impact of Black Friday, eCommerce and what retail 2015 is going to bring and a lot , lot more. Hope you find it interesting.

Here Is The Report

China Top 100 2015 Cover

Have had many requests for a copy of the just published BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2015. So just click here or on the image above and you can download the entire report. Hope you find it insightful and enjoy the great pictures by Cecilie Østergren.



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