Get Ready For More Of This


It was not that long ago that, when it came to technology, Korea was viewed as a slow follower and not an innovator.  This has changed and Samsung has been leading the charge. Today Samsung is on the cutting edge in many aspects of technological innovation, style and consumer electronics “fashion”. Giving others a run for their money, including Apple. It is also helping Brand Korea to change its image from slow follower to an innovation engine.

China at the moment is very much seen as the manufacturing engine of the world. Taking others innovations and mass-producing them at scale to make them affordable, and they are good at it, indeed they are world class.

But we are going to see changes here that will follow the Korean example.

Enter Haier, one of China’s leading domestic appliance (and a lot more) manufacturers. Chinese Haier became the first appliance company to be accepted into Apple’s MFi licencing program. The Apple MFi program grants certification to create AirPlay products that connect to iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

With Haier it’s not just acceptance it is product as well. At the massive Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier in the month the Haier’s Tianzun air conditioning units were launched and on display. They are the first appliances to be accredited and they carry the MFi branding and functionality built in.

MFi makes things simple, easy and efficient to connect and control.- bringing the connected home and the Internet Of Things to reality.

There will be more Haier home appliances that will follow. Expect to see it MFi in Haier’s water heaters, ovens and a lot more.

It’s one small step, Chinese companies being the first to implement new technologies and not lagging behind. As China rebalances prepare to see more…

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