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Trust and Transparency – Trend 5

China’s pollution problem has been well documented – a side effect of the tremendous push for economic growth. But Beijing’s recent record high air pollution levels have led to a social media outcry and heightened awareness among consumers of what they buy, where it’s from, and the effect its production has had. Trust and transparency Consumers in China have been on high alert over product safety, especially when it comes to food, since the 2008 scandal in which toxic melamine was found in baby milk formula. That concern over production and point of origin has not gone away, and the uproar over air pollution has intensified consumers’ need to know more about what they’re buying. Imported brands have benefited from this – particularly brands from countries perceived to have clean air, fresh water, and strict safety standards. In the Year of the Rooster, consumer interest in point of origin will go deeper than looking for a flag on a label; shoppers want to know more about the ingredients within products and the entire production journey, right through the supply chain. Environmental awareness and food safety will be hot topics in 2017, and the brands that will win here are those that build safety and the environment into their brand story. Transparency will become a strong selling point.

Just Launched In Indonesia

BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2016 Infographic

BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2016 Infographic

The BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2016 has just been launched in Jakarta at an event attended by government minsters, business leaders, brand builder and the press. A tremendous job by our BrandZ team. A massive thank you from me to them all. Here is the infographic giving the highlights. You can download it here. Designed by Kay (great job). And yes it has been a while since my last post…and yes it has been very hectic …and yes that’s not really an excuse. More posts to follow…

Back to Reality – Trend 2


In the battle between online and offline retailing, online has been making extraordinary gains in recent years, largely at the expense of physical retail. Yet sales volumes offline still vastly exceed those in ecommerce. Increasingly, retailers are discovering the value of linking the strengths of online and offline, and using them in combination. The Chinese government believes in a healthy retail market which includes both strong online and offline components, so we are expecting policy announcements which will stabilize the physical retail market.

We have seen significant investment by online shopping platforms in their offline capabilities, and this is driving growth in online-to-offline (or O2O) retailing. Alibaba’s $4.6 billion link-up with bricks and- mortar electronics chain Suning Commerce Group is just one of several high-profile investments in the fast developing O2O market in China, and more are likely to be on the way. Alibaba rival had been seen to have the edge when it came to customer service, and the O2O deal puts Alibaba back in the game. The idea of O2O is to give consumers the best of both worlds – the experience of shopping in person at a store, and the convenience and competitive pricing of online.

It makes business sense for offline retailers to move in this direction, too, as cash generated online can be invested in bricks and mortar, and online browsing can drive footfall in physical stores. In the overlap between ecommerce and physical shopping, large volumes of stock can be shifted with a click – and a high-value, personal and physical experience can be delivered in the real world.


The Year Of The Monkey – Chinese New Year Explained

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, known in china as spring festival, is the country’s most important holiday. The Chinese New Year is based on a calendar established about 4,700 years ago. Various legends explain the origin of the Chinese New Year. One describes how people dreaded the New Year because a fearsome beast named Nian annually terrorised the population and devoured children. Then one year a child appeared dressed in red. The beast, frightened by the color, fled and never returned. That’s why the Chinese New Year traditionally features red lanterns and noisy firecrackers to ward off evil spirits. The Chinese New Year is based on a calendar that calculates time using both lunar and solar events. Time passes in 12- year cycles, with each year represented by an animal of the Chinese zodiac. Traditionally, people prepare special foods and hope for a future of good luck. They attend many family dinners, starting with a New Year’s Eve feast. Travel home for the family reunion produces a mass migration. The New Year period culminates in the lantern festival, a joyful celebration around the first new moon in the lunar New Year.

The Year of The Monkey

Chinese Astrology Believers in Chinese astrology attribute a person’s personality characteristics to the profile of their birth year animal. It’s not that simple of course. According to the Chinese view of the world as being composed of opposites, the animals of the zodiac are divided equally: yin animals and yang. They are also linked with similar animals into categories called trines. In addition, each animal is connected to one of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The possible combination of animals and elements produces a 60-year cycle and a complicated system of astrology. People who are born in the Year of the Monkey are believed to have the following characteristics: They tend to be inventors, motivators, problem solvers and improvisers. They are quick-witted, inquisitive, flexible, innovative, self-assured and polite. They can also be egotistical, arrogant and reckless.

A Fitting Tribute

Lincoln Center

New York’s Metropolitan Opera led by Placido Domingo on Saturday mourned the victims of the attacks in Paris with an unscheduled performance of the French national anthem.

Ahead of a matinee of Puccini’s “Tosca,” Domingo conducted the orchestra in “La Marseillaise” as the Metropolitan Opera Chorus sang the words in French on stage.

A slip of paper was put in all programs at the premier US opera house with the lyrics to the anthem and an explanation that the song was “a show of our solidarity with the citizens of France.”

We are all with you too.

You can see it here

New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon 2015

Congratulations to everyone who participated in todays New York City Marathon. An extraordinary sight and carnival atmosphere. My admirations to all 50,000+.

And a well deserved lift home for some…



For The Very First Time

Just launched in Jakarta, Indonesia. For the very first time. The BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2015.

In a transformative time for Indonesian development.

Growth, stability and consumer confidence create perfect conditions for brand building. Indonesia is fast becoming the  economic powerhouse of South East Asia and  in the midst of change on a massive scale.

Now is the time to understand the Indonesian brand landscape better.

Take a look at the top 50 countdown video and download the report from

Prepare to be surprised.

Countdown The Top 100

Watch the entire BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2015. Great video production by Tuhin…Thanks  very much.






Interview with Sir Martin Sorrell

As part of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable  Global Brands 2015 launch activity we interviewed WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell. Here you can see my interview with Martin. As 2015  is the 10th anniversary of the BrandZ global brand rankings we covered a lot of ground… I asked him first to give his perspective of the last 10 years from a global business leaders point of view. You might be surprised by his answer…

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