Appy Days – Trend 4

WeChat gets even bigger The role of WeChat as the ‘super app’ that does just about everything will expand even further in the Year of the Rooster. WeChat combines an online browser, messaging app, social media platform and payment function under one virtual roof, and has in excess of 700 million users who can access over 10 million internal apps (known as official accounts). Appy days – WeChat gets even bigger WeChat provides the ultimate gateway through which retailers can reach consumers. Retailers can use their WeChat account to do everything from sharing news and special offers to customer engagement, loyalty programs and payment. WeChat allows users to get product recommendations from their peers, then choose those products directly from the site and pay for them via WeChat wallet – without ever leaving the WeChat app. It’s a proven business model and one that overseas retailers should embrace as its influence increases. WeChat

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