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Apple Windows at Selfridges

It was odd.

The windows of the iconic department store Selfridges in London were all covered up with Rolex banners so you could not see in.

Then on Thursday all was revealed.

The covers came off. Not a Rolex in sight.

24 windows with a massive Apple Watch installation.

The theme?

Each window has flowers inspired by the flowers on the “Motion” face of the Apple Watch. Each window features an Apple watch as well.

It’s a tremendous, eye catching piece of art and brand experience.

A fusion of art, retail and brand that we should be seeing more of. And judging by the passers by… head turning and stop in their tracks ‘must take a closer look’… staggeringly impactful.

The “flowers” themselves are created through a number of techniques from 3D printing to more traditional resin casting. There are eight different flower variations decorating the windows, each of which was envisioned, scaled, sculpted, and hand-painted by artists. All in all, they created 24 large, 50 medium, 240 “small plus” and 5,525 small flowers.

The effort and attention to detail is paralleled to the original photography Apple used for the creation of their “Motion” watch face. For those flowers Apple shot them as they were flowering in real time. One flower taking 285 hours and more than 25,000 shots.

See all the windows in this on line flip-book and download the window image montage at the top of this post.

Congratulations to each artist involved. You have my respect.

Advertising? Retailing? Brand Experience? Art? …Discuss…









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